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Since Henry's canon is an ongoing one this is all subject to change depending on what extra information we learn about Henry.
  • Timeline stuff: Henry used to work at the studio during the 1940s. The game takes place 30 years later so, during the 1970s. "The fuck is a cellphone" wonders Henry.
  • He was also in his twenties when he worked at the studio, and probably was one of the younger artists there. He's in his fifties now. HE AN OLD MAN.
  • Unless we get a canon surname I'm going with "Hernandez." Henry Hernandez.
  • Joey Drew was a friend and mentor figure to bby animator Henry. They had a really bad falling out at some point- If Henry was a co-creator of Bendy and the others I can see Joey having screwed him on the property rights- which lead to Henry quitting the studio and quite possibly the industry. It's still a bit of an... emotional subject for Henry and his returning to the studio was basically an attempt to get some closure.
  • Related to the above, Joey is probably dead or "missing presumed dead" since Henry doesn't seem to be expecting to see Joey when he arrives.
  • Generally a nice, levelheaded sort of guy, but with a curious streak that is probably gonna be a handicap to him in the horror game that is his life now.
  • ABSOLUTELY went and summoned the maximum number of Bendy cutouts in the orchestra room just to see how many could show up.
  • Tends to talk to himself, mostly giving himself small reminders of/working out what he's doing. Has embarrassed himself in the past via somebody catching him saying things like "I think your hand's a bit off," "Maybe you'll look better from another angle," and so forth to drawings he's working on.
  • Is starting to need glasses. Is in denial of this.
  • Developing an unfortunate habit of losing consciousness and waking up in the middle of pentagrams.
  • Just wants to draw cute things tbh


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