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Since Henry's canon is an ongoing one this is all subject to change depending on what extra information we learn about Henry.
  • Timeline stuff: Henry used to work at the studio during the 1940s. The game takes place 30 years later so, during the 1970s. "The fuck is a cellphone" wonders Henry.
  • He was also in his twenties when he worked at the studio, and probably was one of the younger artists there. He's in his fifties now. HE AN OLD MAN.
  • Unless we get a canon surname I'm going with "Hernandez." Henry Hernandez.
  • Confirmed Bachelor.
  • Joey Drew was a friend and mentor figure to bby animator Henry. They had a really bad falling out at some point- If Henry was a co-creator of Bendy and the others I can see Joey having screwed him on the property rights- pretty much immediately before Henry got drafted. It's still a bit of an... emotional subject for Henry and his returning to the studio was basically an attempt to get some closure.
  • Related to the above, Joey is probably dead or "missing presumed dead" since Henry doesn't seem to be expecting to see Joey when he arrives.
  • The studio pretty much was a cult back when Henry finally left although more in the "You should devote all your time energy and money to your work here or you're A Bad Person" sense than the overt "HEAR ME BENDY" stuff. (That came at some point after he left.) It was simultaneously an extremely godawful and extremely exhilarating period of Henry's life and after he was out of it he suffered from a sort of artistic burnout for a while. 
  • Generally a nice, levelheaded sort of guy, but with a curious streak that is probably gonna be a handicap to him in the horror game that is his life now.
  • ABSOLUTELY went and summoned the maximum number of Bendy cutouts in the orchestra room just to see how many could show up.
  • Tends to talk to himself, mostly giving himself small reminders of/working out what he's doing. Has embarrassed himself in the past via somebody catching him saying things like "I think your hand's a bit off," "Maybe you'll look better from another angle," and so forth to drawings he's working on.
  • Is starting to need glasses. Is in denial of this.
  • Developing an unfortunate habit of losing consciousness and waking up in the middle of pentagrams.
  • Just wants to draw cute things tbh


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